Movies and Art #10

The Counterfeiters (Stefan Ruzowitzky 2007) and Nudes in a Meadow (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner)

The Counterfeiters is one of my favorite movies and as much of it occurs in a Nazi concentration camp there is quite a bit of darkness to go around both emotionally and cinematically. Similarly, in the Nudes in a Meadow painting we see a stark contrast made beween the figures and the background. In both works there is a focus on humans contrasting with thier surroundings.

The film is a true story and the story of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner is directly related. He was a German painter, printmaker, and one of the founders of Expressionism. In 1933 he was branded “degenerate” as part of the Nazi purge of modern art that did not exhalt “blood and soil”. Hundreds of his works were destroyed shortly after his fleeing to Switzerland.