Movies and Art #1

This all started with a question posed on Sktchy asking to name a movie that every artist should see. It got me thinking that there were probably a dozen that I would recommend but I also thought it would be interesting to match each movie with a single art piece.

What follows is list of 14 movies in order of release date starting with:

A Trip to the Moon – Le voyage dans la lune (Georges Méliès 1902) and Le Violon d’Ingres (Man Ray)

All art is based in illusion, a representation of an object or idea. A trip to the Moon is one of the first motion pictures to use photographic special effects to go beyond theatrical illusions in showing a fantastical voyage to an imaginary land. Man Ray also experimented with photographic illusion, making a transformation simply by “burning in” violin f-holes onto the image. As an artist you are the magician behind the curtain.