Bear Conservation Show

The Bear Conservation Show has sold 4 of the of the 10 original drawings raising $255 for Animals Asia! Thank you!

Bearito Republic has shuttered it’s business and the remaining art is going to a local exotic animal rescue organization.



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Girls Think Tank

This past weekend was the Girls Think Tank Gala. My drawing “Every Person is a Book” raised $85 for the cause.

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Small is Big

After working on 9 x 12 paper for weeks I did a doodle/sketch on notebook paper. The drawing is only 1 inch in size but the magnification of the pen stroke amplifies the with of the line to a degree approaching brush. The loose gestural style comes from not over thinking the work and letting the experience of the previous practice drawings flow through.


A digitally cleaned version is useful for smaller more graphical uses (like my current email signature).


Digitally cleaned version

Digitally cleaned version

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Brush with a Polar Bear

This water based ink drawing was over brushed with water to soften the lines and add gradation, a fast technique I like for sketching from life. You get a few gestural lines in and shade them out or you can lay down more ink with the intention of creating deeper tones. The tones went much darker than I intended but I am pleased the backlit look is retained. The sketch is from an iPhone photo reference (viewed directly on the phone).

Walking Up Hill

Walking Up Hill

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Ink Bear

This is Ink Bear, formerly IdeaBuzz. The content will be completely different; focused mainly on art and illustration. I will be sharing both finished art as well as works in progress and studies. Sometimes the process of creating art is the essence of the art with the paper and ink being a by product. Other times the process or the finished art can be an inspection or introspection.

Let’s start by pulling a rabbit out of a hat.


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